Back Pocket Arsenal: Coachella Hair

Festival season is here—that time of year when everyone gathers in the desert of Indio for two weekends of Coachella featuring live music (Childish Gambino! Tame Impala! Ariana Grande!) and art. Instagram is abuzz with style influencers setting the mood for sunny days ahead with plenty of warm weather pics.

For the free spirited music lovers going to Coachella (or those looking to recreate the vibe wherever they may be,) we’ve created three festive hairstyles to get the ultimate festival look. Go big or go home, because we know everyone goes over the top for Coachella.

Metal Boxer Braids

model with hair tied back in braids

This look was created by Rachel Brumbaugh, West Coast Regional Director. 

You Need:

  • Small silver chain
  • Silver elastic cord
  • Large sewing needle
  • TIGI Creamy Finishing Wax for braid
  • TIGI Maximum Hold Hairspray

To create the look:

  • Separate the hair down the middle
  • Create a dutch braid on each side
  • Take silver elastic cord with large sewing needle, sew into braid at desired pattern
  • Take silver chain and wrap around ends of braid for a more edgy look

Gold Goddess Braids

top view of a woman's hair tied back

This look was created by our National Creative Director, Lindsay Baker.

You Need:

  • Gold elastic
  • Large sewing needle
  • TIGI Creamy Finish

To create the look:

  • Separate the hair from the recession area (your middle part) to the crown on both sides
  • Then separate the top into two sections
  • Create two dutch braids
  • Take gold elastic cord into a large sewing needle and start weaving through braid in the desired pattern, then wrap around band at the crown area and let ends fall natural with the hair left out

Metallic Pony

woman with side ponytail and braids on top of head

This look was created by our National Creative Director, Lindsay Baker.

You Need:

  • Small silver chain
  • Sewing needle
  • TIGI Revitalizing Dry Shampoo
  • TIGI Volumizing Finishing Spray
  • Hair tie

How to Create the Look:

  • Take a deep side part
  • Separate the hair from crown into five sections
  • At hairline, begin tying loose knots then band at each end
  • Leave last section out for the ponytail
  • Once you have finished knitting each section, start coiling them up and pinning along the hairline, pulling the knots out a bit to create a soft loose texture
  • Attach the small chain to the large needle and sew, looping loosely through knots, then wrap the end of chain around ponytail band

Make sure to watch our Instagram stories this weekend for highlight looks and hair.


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Is your hairstyle the favorite part of creating a Coachella outfit?

Do you have your own Coachella hairstyles you want to try? Do you love creating innovative looks that no one else has done? Turn your hobby into an exciting career with an education in cosmetology! Contact us for more information on how Toni&Guy can support you as you turn your dreams into a reality!