Back Pocket Arsenal: Fighting Winter Frizz

Winter can do a number on our hair. Not only does it get incredibly dry and lose its natural shine this time of year, winter frizz is a real and common problem. Luckily, with the right hair prep and care, you can keep flyaways and winter frizz at bay all winter long—because nothing is more annoying than spending precious time and energy on your ‘do, only for it to frizz up ten minutes later.

Dry your hair with care
How you blow dry your hair in the winter can make or break how frizzy it gets. The easiest way to eliminate static is to make sure you’re stretching out your hair while you’re drying it. For smooth, frizz-free hair, TONI&GUY Regional Creative Director Stephen Jaime suggests stretch-drying by using a “round brush to smooth the hair out as much as possible, making sure to disrupt the hair
until it is fully dry.”

Treat yourself to weekly deep conditioning treatments
When your hair lacks moisture, it’s more prone to frizz. And in the winter, hair tends to get really dry more often, especially curly and coiled textures, since the curlier the hair, the harder it is for your scalp’s natural sebum oils to travels to the ends. Weekly deep conditioning treatments are a great way to give your hair all of the moisture and TLC it needs — and banish frizz for good.

Protect your hair at night
Another simple way to stop your hair from constantly drying out and getting puffy is to use a silk bonnet or pillowcase on your bed at night so you can retain all your hair’s natural oils and all of the moisture you’ve put in it during the day.

Already know how to fight your frizz?

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