Back Pocket Arsenal: Finding Your Perfect Part

Something as simple as the way you part your hair can have a huge effect on how you look. Depending on your face shape and hair texture, certain parts can make your features pop and brighten your face, while others may make your hair appear quite flat and dull.

Figuring out what kinds of parts are the most flattering for you can seem like a bit of a challenge. Since you’re so used to your face, it could be quite tricky to objectively judge what looks best. Of course, you can go through trial and error, testing out a bunch of different styles until you find a flattering fit. However, as hairstylist Stephen Jaime explains, finding your perfect part is actually quite easy: The trick is to pay attention to how your hair falls naturally.

Hailee Steinfeld with her hair parted down the middle
Hailee Steinfeld attends Spotify “Best New Artist 2019” event at Hammer Museum on February 7, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

“Finding the right part can be as easy as looking at how your hair is laying. If it looks like it’s lifting when you push it one way, chances are it wants to lay the other way. If you comb all your hair back, it will usually split where it naturally wants to,” he says.

After all, virtually everyone’s hair has a mind of its own — and your hair has a way of naturally parting one way or another. Nine times out of ten, when I go to style my own head of curls and coils, the front section of my hair will fall towards the right side of my face no matter what I do. So when it comes to finding the right part for you, simply follow where your hair naturally goes — especially if you have curly and coiled hair that doesn’t need much manipulation — as your hair usually knows best.