Make a Statement With Hair Color This Summer

We can thank Instagram for acting as our summer mood board, full of the latest trends and styles. Colored hair is hot right now, as seen on the heads of influencers and celebrities. All it takes is confidence and an unapologetic attitude to pull off any unique color you wish.

We are talking about hair color trends with our National Creative Color Director, Jared Jaime. Here are his style tips, and tricks for keeping hair healthy and shiny all summer long.

The first step in the process of coloring your hair, says Jaime, is setting up color consultation so you can understand the color journey to reach your color end goal. Darker hair usually requires more steps in the process, the final of which is aftercare, which includes shampoos and conditioners specific to the color treatment.

Lighter Tones for Brunettes:

woman with blonde highlights at the bottom

The rosy brunette is a favorite color right now among those with darker hair. Usually, these colors include warm light brown with hints of soft red.

Ombre is also another trend for brunettes, allowing for low maintenance and not much upkeep.

Pastels and Unusual Colors:

Studio portrait of a young woman with pink hair in front of a pink background.
Studio portrait of a young woman with pink hair in front of a pink background.

Pastels are HOT HOT HOT right now! Pink, lavender and baby blues are the most common.

Also hot: copper tones for lighter hair, including apricot, tangerine and amber. Whatever color you choose, it’s a great way to express your personality in your hair, and more subtle than bright neons.


woman with icy blonde hair
Icy Blonde

Do blondes have more fun? According to many colorists, the blonde colors trending for this summer are golden, buttery and icy. What is the difference between these three? Tone.

woman with golden blonde hair
Golden Blonde

For icy blondes, think bright, slightly metallic and reflective hair color. As for buttery and golden blondes, the hair is creamier and beige-hued. The best part about being a blonde is figuring out which one you want to be.

Jaime recommends using TIGI Copyright Colour shampoo and conditioner to make color changes last. Dry shampoo is also great for colored hair to extend the time between washes; washing more frequently can cause unwanted drying.

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