Summer Tips & Tricks

This Monday we had the opportunity to host an exclusive party for mothers on the go at our newly redesigned TONI&GUY salon at the Galleria Dallas. We had sweet treats, champagne and rosé to begin the night, and later gathered everyone for a summer hair trend tutorial. We invited salon director Cole Moore and art team educator Shelby Boling to lead the way with barrettes, bobby pins and headbands for an easy, on the go look.

woman with hair pulled back in a ponytail

The first look of the night was a simple barrette styling that included three separate clips as the one pictured above. To achieve this look, start off by using a volumizing spray at the roots to lift the hair. By lifting the hair and creating texture, the barrettes will better stay in place—they’ll have something to hold on to. Once the large barrette is holding the hair, the smaller barrettes can be placed on top of each other with smaller bits of hair.

woman with short hair and a barrette

The second look was a side bobby pin look. This look can work for short and long hair. First use hairspray where you plan on placing the clips. This will allow for the hair to stay in one place while you place the bobby pin clips. Second, place an even amount of bobby pins to the side of your hairline just above your ear, and then you’re done. (Are you deciding on how to part your hair? Just review this article for more tips).

woman's hair pulled back with a ribbon

A hot trend right now is incorporating scarves and headbands into your daily hairstyles since these looks are simple, fast and super cute. You can add them to a volumized pony, bun or braid.

woman's hair pulled back in a ponytail with fabric

Volumized Pony

This look is a go-to for fun hair. Make sure to use dry shampoo and volumizing spray for added texture before gathering hair into a pony. Fold the scarf so it easily wraps around the ponytail, and let the ends of the scarf fall into the pony. Add volume by spraying and teasing the ponytail.

woman's hair pulled in a braid with fabric

High Pony Braid

There are four simple steps to this look. First, slick the hair back into a high ponytail by spraying and combing the hair back to tie it up. Wrap the scarf once over the hair tie, and weave the leftover pieces into a braid with the hair. Tie the braid up, and you’re ready to go.

woman's hair pulled in bun with fabric
woman's hair pulled in bun with black and white fabric

Low Bun & High Bun

These two looks can be done similarly, depending where you want to place the ponytail and the headscarf. The low bun requires you to slick the hair back, while the low bun is loose, allowing for the side bangs to fall in front of your face. Wrapping a scarf into the bun involves weaving it in and out of the hair and pinning the scarf onto the hair.

woman's hair in side braid with a headband

Long Braid

The long braid is perfect for a look at the beach. In this case this scarf is longer and skinnier than the regular-sized one. You can start off by wrapping the scarf on top of the head and slowly braiding the hair into a side braid with the scarf included. Once the hair is all braided, tie the hair and you’re done.

woman's hair in bun with a green hair tie

Messy Bun

This look, which includes both a scarf and clips, is super fun! Create a ponytail base and tie the scarf in. Once the scarf is in take the ends of the hair and flip them, securing it with bobby pins. Finally, add the rose gold accessories close to the bun to finish the look.

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