Holiday Looks for Your Family Gatherings

We can’t believe it, but the holiday season is already here! With all the seasonal celebrations coming up, there’s no shortage of excuses to attend a party. Maybe you’re even planning on attending a family gathering and you haven’t seen many of the people there for multiple years. Although it’s exciting to catch up with everyone, it can often feel stressful when trying to think of how you should prepare for your family get-together. No one wants to worry about every little thing before this festive time. That’s why we want to help with the most important step in getting ready: your holiday style! Read our blog for five holiday looks to wear for your family gathering.

Comfy Sweater

When deciding on what to wear, it’s often difficult to find something that’s both comfortable and formal enough to wear for a party. A wool sweater is a perfect solution! Not only is oversized fitting a great way to ensure you feel snug throughout the entire evening, but you can also accessorize to give a more dressed-up look. We love the accessories added to this simple mustard color sweater. The wool hat and tan coat really add something to the attire and gives the wardrobe a finished look that’s ready for a night of mingling with family members. Just don’t forget to apply some bright red lipstick for a beautiful contrast!

blonde woman wearing mustard color sweater

Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are a timeless party classic and it’s not hard to see why. Their fitted form is great for any body type and can even help lengthen your waist. No matter if you’re going to a casual or a formal party, you can personalize your style to fit every situation. We love this reflective silver color for the holiday season and think it looks amazing with a long-sleeve black sweater. Natural eye makeup and striking red lipstick is an incredible pairing to go with your pencil skirt!

woman wearing tight silver dress

Simple Black Dress

Even though your family gathering probably won’t be a formal event, that doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up! A simple black dress is a great way to wear something a little more extravagant without standing out too much. Just like the wool sweater, a black dress allows you to add touches of your own personality with additional accessories. Maybe you want to match your black dress with a small purse and pointed tan shoes. It all depends on you and how you want to express yourself this holiday season. If you’ve taken the opportunity to lighten your hair for this time of year, now is the perfect time to show it off against your black dress!

woman wearing simple black dress

Dark Jeans With a Nice Top

Never underestimate how much style you can pull off from a simple pair of denim jeans. Since this is a family gathering, it might be too casual to show up with whitewashed or distressed jeans. That’s why dark ones are a perfect alternative! They’re still comfortable, but now your jeans look more fit for a party and your family members will be impressed with your decision to dress more formally than normal. Just don’t forget that when wearing dark jeans, it’s best to complete the look with a nice blouse. Finally, add earrings that match your top and you’re ready to wow everyone at the party!

woman wearing red blouse and dark jeans


Who doesn’t love a good jumpsuit? Not only are they formal for a party, but wearing one also feels incredibly comfortable that it’s almost like you’re not really dressing up at all. Just like the other looks on our list, a jumpsuit lets you decide how fancy you want to look with the added accessories. We think that a belt is a perfect addition to help accentuate your waistline. No matter if you want to keep your hair down in casual waves or follow our example with an elegant bun, you’re going to make a fantastic impression with family members who you may not have seen for years!

woman wearing black jumpsuit

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