Make It Yours: Space Buns Festival Look

Weekend two is here, and this week we found ourselves scouring Instagram looking for the best festival-ready hairstyles around. This year, the previously ubiquitous flower crown is out, this year, it’s all about the colorful, glitter-adorned space buns. It’s an enduring, all-day look that doesn’t require much maintenance. Here is one way to make sure your hair endures all your jam out sessions.

back of woman's head with space buns

Creative Director Stephen Jaime and students Lissandra Lopez and Jenna Stewart from our L.A. Cosmetology School Academy helped create this zig zag Zenon space bun look. Jaime says, “The space buns are a great look to keep your hair out of your face and off your neck.”

  • First spray Rockaholic Dry Shampoo in root area
  • Create a zig zag or irregular middle parting separating left from right
  • Make two upside down Dutch braids starting at the top of the head where you will secure the mid-lengths and ends into a ponytail
  • Tease the two pigtails
  • With the hair left out, knot them up into buns to add texture and secure the hair
  • Form the braids into buns and pin them with bobby pins
  • Spray Masterpiece Hairspray at the flyaways on the buns
  • Then take hair gel and mix it with different types of glitters and apply it to the root area with a brush
  • Take some string and thick needle and thread it through the braids
  • Tie the string to a strand of hair so it can hold onto the hair, then threading it through the braids in a zig zag motion and tie the string again to the strand of hair
  • Lastly, mist the hair with more Masterpiece Hair Spray and lay down any flyaways
  • For added interest, pull the outer part of the braids for a deconstructed braid.

The look is complete!

moving image of a carnival

Next week, we will be recapping the hairstyles and trends seen at weekend two of Coachella. Find more hair inspiration on our Instagram feed and stories, and let us know how you wore your hair!





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