News Trimmings: Find Your Perfect Prom Look

So you get asked to Prom, what’s the next step in your preparation process? Finding a dress and shoes? You have to ask yourself what look you’re trying to achieve.  Creating the perfect inspo board is a great place to start. Are you looking for a particular style of dress or color? Whatever you choose, know that your hair and makeup are going to steal the spotlight this year with our prom looks.

TONI&GUY joined WFFA’s Daybreak Saturday morning to show off the 2019 prom hair trends. The Galleria hair team was invited to style and show off their work. Cole Moore, salon director and seasoned stylist, gathered his team for prom ‘dos inspired by not only pop culture but by natural textures. “Once you find your dress, enhance your look by creating a look that fits your style for the night,” said Moore.

With the help of Galleria Dallas Hot List stylist Holly Quartaro, she came up with four potential looks: boho, classic, glam and sleek & chic.

woman with blonde curly hair
back of woman's hair with a braid tied into a ponytail

For the boho-inspired look, Moore styled the hair in a half up half down braid style with the rest in long, loose waves.This look can also work for short hair.

Prom Tip #1:  Always keep bobby pins and mini size hairspray in your bag to tame flyaway hair.

side blonde hair

The classic glam look is inspired by Old Hollywood—a timeless style. The hair is curled with 1 1/2 inch curling iron, then clipped up to hold the curl while it sets.

Prom Tip #2: Volume is the key to this look, so remember to add dry shampoo to the crown of the head, teasing the hair up and high.

woman with curly red hair to the side

Chic waves are another classic, and great for anyone. This look allows accessories to shine, too: try adding a pearl clip to the side or wearing dangling earrings.

Prom Tip #3: Going for chic waves? Brush through the hair for bouncier curls.

woman with bright pink dress and hair tied back

Last but not least, the poppin’ pony is popular right now thanks to Ariana Grande’s long ponytail. The hair is pulled into a sleek ponytail. Wrap the hair around the hair band for an added clean look.

back of woman's hair tied back

Prom Tip #4: When going for a simple hair style, statement earrings are a nice touch.

Whatever look you choose, Moore says his most important prom tip is this:

“Remember, it’s about YOUR look, not ‘the look.’ Your look is ‘the look’ you’ve searched for, you’re going to shine bright in any hairstyle you decide.”

Share your TONI&GUY prom hair looks with us @toniguyusa or #toniguyusa #boblog. We can’t wait to see them!

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