Your Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Extensions

Your Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Extensions Answered!!!

models with long hair extensions

Q: How much do extensions cost at TONI&GUY?

A: The cost of extensions depend on the length and the amount of hair ordered. Each hairdresser charges a different price depending on level of experience and time it takes for the application. This all added together to arrive at a grand total. Having a consultation will be the best way to get an estimated price for the service however it can range from $600 – over $1000 depending on these factors.

Q: Are hair extensions right for me?

TONI&GUY Extension Specialists have been trained to assess the condition of your hair to determine if you are a good candidate for this service, however no Specialist can fully anticipate individual reactions to wearing Hair Extensions. Individual results may vary.

TONI&GUY reserves the right to refuse service for individuals who we determine are not a good candidate based on hair condition or other factors.

three models with long hair extensions

Q: Can I bring in my own extensions?

A: No, we require all our Toni&Guy hairdressers to use our certified and approved vendors for quality purposed and a guarantee for the service.

Q: What types of extensions are there and how do they differ?

A: We use micro-link method which consist of a link to secure the client’s hair and a single (extension strand) to lock together. There’s no glue or chemicals involved in this method which makes it the safest method for the hair to avoiding breakage.

It’s helpful to bring in a picture of a trending hair extension look that you want for your hairstylist to reference. Hair extensions look great with any hair color including red heads, brunettes and blondes.

Celebrity Hair Extensions featured below: Isla Fisher, Selena Gomez and Lauren Conrad.

Celebrities with long hair

A Few Things You Should Know Prior To Getting Hair Extensions

– They require special care & maintenance

– They can significantly increase the time it takes to dry your hair

– The added hair can feel heavy, especially at first, and there may be an adjustment period

– Depending on your own scalp sensitivity you may experience some initial discomfort after having Extensions applied, including tightness at the scalp, headache, etc.

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