Everything you’ll learn:

Fundamentals 1 & 2:

The foundation of your education. You will learn everything you need to know to execute cutting and coloring techniques. By combining the cutting and coloring education, you will become a total concept hairdresser. (8 weeks)

Intermediate Cut & Color:

Concentrates on our inclusive culture, customer service, self-marketing and continuing education. You will focus on classroom and clinic floor work to expand your knowledge and understanding of skin, nails, makeup, updos and styling. (12 weeks)


Building your business and your brand. All-day client services allow for hands-on experience while offering top-notch service. In addition you will learn advanced and speed techniques from our latest collections. This will prepare you for success in the salon industry. (8 weeks)

State Board Prep:

We will help you prepare for your State Board Exam by recapping salon fundamentals, testing, timing and practical procedures. (4 weeks)

Salon Professional:

Continuing to refine your hairdressing skills while building your brand and clientele. During this time you will work on building client relationships, resume workshops, photoshoots, and exposure to salon life. (8 weeks)

Flex Week/Custom Education:

During this time you will have an opportunity to participate in advanced techniques, TIGI product knowledge, creative projects, field trips and photoshoots. ( 1 week)


TONI&GUY Cosmetology Kit

We offer a professional quality cosmetology kit to all incoming TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy students, which offers all the tools needed to excel in the program and enhance your experience. Each item included is professional quality, making the transition from academy to salon a seamless one upon graduation.

Included with course

Makeup and Skincare Training with Dermalogica

Cosmetology school students receive one day of intensive skincare training with Dermalogica, learning the basics of skincare and the steps to performing a mini-facial. Interested students will have the opportunity to continue this education with Dermalogica by learning advanced facial techniques, face mapping, with courses in additional product knowledge.

“My experience with TONI&GUY taught me the importance of technical discipline, while providing access and exposure to the renowned creative talents of the company.”

BERRY BACHEN — Alumni, Dallas