Education has been at the root of our success for six decades. Today it’s as innovative as it is renowned. And as we help you enhance your skills – from the absolute beginner to advanced hairdressing skills, we also offer financial support for those who qualify through the Mascolo Education Grant; find more information about it here.”

What is the MEG about? We want everyone to have access to a quality education in cosmetology and make their way into the beauty /lifestyle industry. The MEG is a grant to help students who qualify for federal financial aid and loans, with their out-of-pocket education expense that too often students are left with paying. The MEG for those who qualify will cover the remaining balance that federal financial aid does not cover. No student should have to struggle to pay for a quality education.

Students have already started enrolling and benefiting from the MEG. Why not you? Just ask your questions, our Admissions’ office staff will walk you through the whole process and give you the answers needed

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We put learning at the heart of our philosophy. It’s been that way for six decades and today we share our unique experience and expertise with the World — in person and online. The result is innovative, globally-renowned hairdressing education. And a learning journey like no other.

Toni & Guy Academies will be helping mold hair dressers from the inside and out so that every one they touch with their loving hands can impact someone’s life, with not only making people feel more beautiful on the outside but also fulfilling the hearts of our clients and community.

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